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Family Photography

I can’t believe Spring has sprung, my blog has certainly been hibernating over winter, and so has my pasty white skin!!!  However I’ve remained nice and busy shooting and running around after my girls, I even managed a quick trip to Fiji to photograph a gorgeous wedding (that will be blogged) One big exciting thing […]


Courage Is….

What is courage to you? Is it walking from your bedroom to the toilet in the dark? Is it pulling a splinter out of your finger? Is it saying goodbye to someone you love as they go on a long journey? Is it being there witnessing someone you love suffering? Is it being told you […]


A Country Wedding

I loved so much about this country wedding I photographed in Goondiwindi (Outback Queensland Wedding folks), on Australia Day long weekend (I got a bit nostalgic driving home through the outback on Australia Day!) but the one thing I loved above all things were the people I got to meet and hang out with not […]


Yasmin’s Story…

“I love my boobs, the journey they’ve taken over the 23 years I’ve had them has been eventful…” Yasmin “Boobs, bust, tits, mammaries, honkers, breasts, hooters, boobalabies, udders, teats, bosoms, call them what you will … one friend of mine has ‘floppy doppies’.” Kate Boobs – all us girls have them, but for some women, […]

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