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January Day Five

wrap me up in your love

i feel a grace i have not known

and yet the pain is crushing

my feet cannot walk

my hands cannot touch

my eyes cannot see

my ears cannot hear

but deep in spirit

i can walk by your side

i can touch your face of divinity

i can see into your soul

i can hear your birdsong

calling me forth

 i turn to your grace

you fill me with your richness i have never known

i surrender to this path

kindred spirits flank my side

they are like a billion stars

lighting my path

offering safety and refuge through the darkness

i see a return, my heart yearns for it

it is harmonious like the sweetest tune you have ever heard

it speaks of loving kindness, of truth

but my friend it also speaks of fear confusion and darkness

and the peace will come with this turning into the face of adversity

surrender surrender surrender

connect and see the beauty

see the life

trickling like a drip at first

let it fill your cup overflow until you can hold now more

then allow the grace to spread like wildfire

power beyond measure how will you pull me

where will you direct me

the drops of the ocean are united and  are fluid, connected

they flow together in unison

the power in their greatness is measured not by one drop or many

my words, Jess x

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