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Unique :Brisbane North-side Birth and Newborn Photographer:

It was a stunning morning, the sun shining brightly and there was a whisper of wind blowing as I headed 800m away from my place towards the ocean and to a home where I was hoping a baby was about to be born. It is always a much anticipated event, the birth of a baby, and I was feeling full of anticipation as I had never been present at anyone’s (other than my own two of course!) birth. Katie and Rob are such a peaceful and lovely couple, and the two midwives assisting this beautiful home birth were amazing as well. They were so dedicated and professional, calm, passionate and compassionate! – I could go on, I feel very strongly about women having the opportunity to birth safely at home and was proud to be part of this special experience.  I arrived on a Monday morning and Katie had already been in pretty strong labor on and off for a couple of days, it was anticipated that the beautiful Freya, would make her entrance into the world sometime in the early afternoon (it seemed). Well Freya had a different idea and Katie’s labor was super full on and relentless – for another 2 days!!!!! So I obviously needed to get back to my little family and jobs and Katie and Rob transferred to hospital and could not speak more highly of the caring and kind welcome they received. Freya was born on Wednesday and on the following Monday all three with proud as punch big sister Pearl, visited me for some more special images. These labor images were very moving for me, and I want to thank Rob and Katie for welcoming me into their space and allowing me to capture some of the deep emotion flowing around on one of these days of labor. Enjoy this lengthy post! xx Jess xx 🙂



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