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This blog post is dedicated to my little family, for travelling with me across the world on a crazy adventure (that I mostly thought up doing, and they seemingly agreed)

My husband is a nature lover, (and I am a bit too but do like a little shopping expedition with the next person) and so part of our trip needed to include some back to nature time.
This blog post is dedicated to mother nature, goddess, god, creator, allah – (whatever or whoever you may call it) for  what is on the earth, and for giving me eyes to see, hands to touch, feet to walk, and ears to hear so that I can appreciate this beauty – far out there’s some beauty and it seemingly knows no bounds – take a walk in the Welsh Highlands and see for yourselves!
This blog post is dedicated to me, and photographing without abandon, shooting with joy, because I want to and can and creating for myself and giving myself permission to be free to create without fear….. I hope this is a feast for your eyes and soul, as much it has been a feast for my soul and eyes. Jess x

Lovely Jess. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time! xoxo

Beautiful Jess! Your trip is so wonderful – thanks for sharing with us!

Absolutely spectacular Jess !!! I love that you managed to sneak into a family shot xx

Oh Jess, these are spectacular. I have loved following your adventures on facebook, but these are just sublime. These photos will be cherish by you and your family for eternity.

oh jess… these are so beautiful! i adore the images of your 3 lovely ones on the hill al soft and dreamy… what an amazing adventure!

I really love the feel of these images, just makes me want to be there. Absolutely beautiful.

Gorgeous Jess, I love the image of the three of them walking. AND the family image. So glad you are having a good time!

OMG, completely amazing, and brrrr so cold. And totally think you should frame the image of the 4 of you on top of the hill.

Gorgeous countryside…and how amazing is that ice crystal! Beautiful shots!

Helloooo Jess!!

I love your pics, so beautiful! That is what I miss about Britain most of all: walking and walking and walking for miles in such aching beauty.

Enjoy your adventure!

I am off to look at more pics. See you soon ;0)

xoxox Cath



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