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This is Family

“Making the Decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” {Elizabeth Stone}


Part Two, maternity session of my gorgeous family and watching their family evolve. My little Nephew is 6 months old now and its so gorgeous. I’m  sitting here putting this blog together and remembering him before he was born. Wondering what he would look like, wondering if he was a ‘he’ or a ‘she’. My daughters called him “Flower” the whole way through the pregnancy and it was Super cute!

He is such a delight I can tell you that much – he makes me melt every time I see him!! Check out my Instagram feed here and you will definitely catch a glimpse of him! So here’s my Brother, My sister-in-law and their Beloved, (plus their first “born” puppy!) during  their gorgeous photography session capturing some moments before becoming parents. It probably seems like a lifetime ago but yesterday all at once – life is funny like that!!

ps check out this page to find out about the artist whose installation art is featured in the bottom few images!




Wow – this takes me back. I love this – thanks soooo much xo

Dim you are so beautiful inside and out! Great photos Jess…

Simply beautiful in everyday. How lucky is your brother and sister-in-law to have these gorgeous memories.

All nice but where is a PHOTO of the END RESULT

Hi Pa Darby! His newborn session will be up soon I promise!! 😉 And then his six month one! (this kids gonna have more baby photos than my girls did!)



next one

Little Visitors {Brisbane Family Photographer}