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January Day Twelve

Sweet Summer Days…

Oh Hai Brisbane, you are extremely hot today, ugly hot. Like 36 degree hot breeze, sweat as soon as you wake up, fry an egg in the sun kinda stinky hot.

So what’s the best thing to do if you are 11 years old with your friends on a day like this at 2pm? Go roller skating, of course DUH!

Oh my gracious, what can I say? As I sat there melting on the bench seating chatting to the other mums, while our red faced, fun loving girls rolled around the humid noisy skate rink.

They had regular stops for drinks, splashes of water to the face, standing in front of the fan, and ice-cream. But they had the best time and showed off their dancing skills to the whole crowd – as you can see! The image is of them in their final pose as “their” song finished – I think the lady at the front was impressed with their moves!

It was sweet relief when I finally bundled them home and they swam until the sun went down –

oh sweet summer days

Jess x

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