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January Day Twenty-Two

Sometimes I worry about the world that my daughters are growing up in. I see the news and cringe, I worry about the environment. I worry about the way people treat other people – I worry about the leaders the majority of the population choose and I worry that in foreign countries the majority doesn’t choose. But I think about this human experience and know that it’s always going to have extreme ranges of good and bad – I may not understand it, but I have to have hope.

Today I saw hope in the news and in the power of joining people with peaceful protests in America  and worldwide for Women’s rights, for anyone who is oppressed – Whilst I don’t identify myself as a follower of any specific religion,  I love the message/metaphor in the bible that speaks about leaving a corner of our ‘field’ for the immigrant, orphan and widow. If we have some spare “space” it needs to be for the consideration of those in hardship. It doesn’t even need to be a physical offering but simply an opening of our hearts and minds to everybody and anybody and an understanding that doing this human thing is a tough gig and we need to have each others backs – It’s so simple, LOVE. A random act of kindness can go a long way, it doesn’t have to cost you anything – a smile is often enough!

Deeds done with love will always raise the positive energy of our planet.

It starts small, like a little seed and grows from there, small acts, small deeds.

Today I will breathe in all the goodness in the world, and have faith that my daughters will experience a beautiful, long, and enriching life on a planet that is on it’s way to healing….

Jess x

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