January PAD {Day 8}

Making a home…. what does it mean anyway? To me it has so much to do with your energy within a space and how you “mark it” with your own personality and vibe. We’ve been making this place a home for 3 years this month. It’s flown by, it really has. Our record for living in one place is 4.5 years, that was in our last home that we renovated to within an inch of it’s life. This one is a much slower process – determined by funds and our desire for holidays….I have many dreams for this old lady, but I also love her how she is as well (although I will never ever know the reason why people thought it was ok to replace gorgeous old timber windows with ugly as aluminium ones with diamond mesh security screens blergh)

This homes feels soulful to me, it feels like we all fit well in here. It’s not huge and sometimes I long for more space for us all to be able to spread out a little more – we all seem to need and like our own space it seems, but on the flip side the girls can never be too far away from us and it’s more than many have and for that I’m grateful.

The first shot is from when we were looking at her before we bought her, I was instantly charmed but I knew I just HAD to add my own spin!  I hope I can keep injecting little bits of old charm and character into her as the years go on…






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