#thechiasdoeurope2012 Week 1 Finland

Our first week has been amazing, from 30 degree heat straight into the dark depths of winter of Lapland, Saariselka……..

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xxx Jess xxx

The winter is cold and dark

the colour of  snow illuminates the trees

turning them into nameless forms that can morph into dinosaurs.

the snow drifts come and go with the passage of time,
the time for now is to go inward and reflect, sleep on the dream
it is a place of passing time, of seasons of change
the rhythms of nature may not be ignored
She calls you to live by her and respect her
watching her every move…



WOW Jess such a crazy cool holiday. Jealous to the max 🙂

WOW Jess what an incredible blog post!! I felt like I was in Finland with you! I especially loved the photo of Leilani in the street with her arms wide at dusk and those snow angels… Wish I could take you on our holidays, you are SO talented!!!



next one

Spring has Sprung {essence images, Brisbane Family Photographer}