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Woodford Folk Festival 2011-2012 ::Brisbane Photographer:: Essence Images

Words can’t explain how amazing my recent week at the Woodford Folk Festival was. I adore music and art and the creativity and amount of artists in the one area this week has just been mind-blowing. There is a dedicated children’s festival that all of us sunk our teeth into, with clay making, screen printing, dancing, face painting, circus tricks and a crazy bamboo creation. There was some big musical names, namely, the very popular Gotye and it was amazing for my two girls to see an artist they regularly listen to perform to a crowd of thousands! My senses were overwhelmed by so many genres of music from Ancient Sufi music, to African Drumming, to music with instruments made from feather dusters and washing up gloves, to beat boxing, to pop, to folk, to hippy techno (well that’s what I named it anyway!), to gorgeous vocals with a string quartet backup, to an amazing (ly hot) male tap dancing troupe – to comedy, to street performances, poetry, I could go on…… To top our week off it ended with my eldest daughter turning 9 – being born on New Year’s Eve is just getting more exciting each year for her and she had a fabulous day! I danced the night away welcoming in 2012, with my gorgeous Native American Indian Headress on (you can find a pic of my girlfriend’s one in there somewhere – we were having a ball!) Thanks to our gorgeous friends who we shared the experience with, along with meeting up with some other special people along the way, they are in many of these images and our family loves you guys so much.

I took these images with my Christmas Present, a Fuji X100 and it’s a little ripper of a camera, I love it more each time I use it, I hope you enjoy this very personal journey through Woodfordia, and it perhaps inspires you to get there yourselves one day! Jess x


Jess, I’m crying looking at these photos!
They are honestly AMAZING! It’s frightening how talented
you are! We love you so much, thank you for the most
incredible and unforgettable week.
All our love xoxox

Awesome pics Jess…looks like you had the best week…love them all, especially the one of Miyan jumping in the sunshower xo

Wow Jess the x100 was definitely worth the purchase. With your talent behind it you have captured an awesome week. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE !!!!!! Especially adore Mims jumping in the rain, the image of yourself and Lani and the spunky shot of Evan lying in the grass 😉

Such a rad set of photos. Im so pumped for you!



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