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2015 I’m coming atcha!

Well here I am 2015, how on earth did that happen? Wasn’t it 2002 yesterday, or at least some date like that with a 2, followed by a couple of zeros? I always have these big plans at the end of the year to do some kind of amazing retrospective of my year. I look at my fellow photographer buddy’s and think, “yeh I ought to do that, I had a great year too”. But then BAM, it’s Christmas Day and I’m just coming up for a breath wondering how I even managed to organise christmas presents. Janauary seems a much better time to reflect on the previous year, right????

Oh well moving right along! I had an awesome 2014, meeting lots of new clients and taking loads of pretty pictures. I got to travel overseas for work and also with my family to Japan, Canada and Alaska and meet lots of extended family on my husband’s side of the family. I had many nights up late with friends, contemplating the meaning of the universe and an abundance of time being mumma to my two girls, and of course partner to my gorgeous husband 🙂

I think 2015 will hold much the same and that excites to  no end! I love meeting new people and connecting with everyone I know. There’s so much to learn in this world and those experiences can happen in one simple interaction with someone.

Capturing families is where my passion is. If your family needs a Brisbane Family Photographer to document, their growth, their love and connection, I’d love to hear from you {again if I’ve already done this for you!}

Here’s something fun from my last family session of 2014, how cute are these guys? This is how I”m feeling about 2015… BRING IT!!!!


Jess x




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