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The Epitome of Family {essence images – family photographer brisbane }

I don’t even know where to begin with this one! I met Hope 2 years ago now, and we were thrown into the deep end of getting to know each other – eye balling each other right from the start at a photography workshop with Jesh De Rox, that may not sound like fun, but meeting Hope along with many other amazing souls on this adventure has been incredibly transformative to say the least. You can see some shenanigans here .

So Hope and just got along like a house on fire, I love her exuberant zest for life and her optimism and yeup you guessed it….HOPE! (;-) ) She is one of the most kindest souls you could ever meet

I’ve got to admit I was uber nervous (Hope is also a photographer!!!)  when she asked me to photograph her family that I had heard all about, and when they recently came up to the Gold Coast for a holiday she made it happen (she has a tendency of making things happen!) So I got to me her beautiful Husband, she loves with all her heart – her gorgeous children that I felt I already knew and her ‘in-law’s’ who she would describe along with her grandma as the most integral part of her family besides her immediate family – they have a gorgeous bond and it was funny watching everyone interact (it reminded me of my family actually!)

So my lovely ice-cream thief (see series below) – here’s your family as I saw you and photographed you that afternoon, on a beach at the Gold Coast, on a beautiful spring day in 2013 – a time never to be repeated – so aren’t you a clever energizer bunny for taking the time out and capturing those memories to cherish.

I cannot thank-you enough for entrusting me with this task xxx Jess






I could die. Literally. Just die. Oh Jess. What does one say? There aren’t enough words to thank you enough. I’ve teared up again seeing images of my darling little family presented in moments of love, laughter and craziness. I am more than eternally grateful for the memories you have given me to treasure. If there is one thing that I’ll never be able to truly thank Jesh enough for, is YOU. You and your amazing soul, eye and being. You are incredible and I’m so glad you are my friend. x

What beautiful images of a fabulous family! There is so much family fun going on … Perfect!

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family <3

Awww, beautiful Hope and Jess 🙂

I have known Hope & her family for many years. You captured their true spirit beautifully.

Nawwww, couldn’t be anymore amazing. Jess and Hope, love love love.

I know that crazy lady! Just beautiful images that capture a great gang!



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