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Finding Light…

Me, “Hey Girls? Can you come to the park with me to check out a little location there may be some lovely light? “

Girls, “Do we have to smile? Is there a playground? “

“no you just have to stand there, I really don’t care what you do actually, I just need you to help me test out the light, and yes there ‘may’ be a playground.”

My latest strategy for nabbing a few shots of them! It’s getting harder!

But hey,  now I just let them go and I hope for the best – so it’s them, so it’s a little crazy, so one of the images that didn’t make the cut is one of my girls showing me her cheesymite scroll (erhem, handmade I might add) AFTER she had chewed it.

This is truly them, and on this afternoon, they were being SO gorgeous I just wanted to bottle it up. Not all afternoons are like this (seriously, if you think having kids is all cupcakes and kittens think again people!!!) – so I take these ones and store them deep in my heart, in the treasure trove of moments of stunning joy, radiance and love for my two girls.

You know a meltdown probably happened not long after, but I still had these moments and I do often and I continue to try and not be overshadowed by all the daily grind has to offer, but really sit in the presence of the fun and lightness of things.


Thanks for those ten minutes of letting me take photos and laughing with you and pushing the spider’s net swing for you. Thanks for “testing the light” for me – you both ARE my light xx


Jess x


ps I’m not normally a photograph in playground kinda gal, but seriously those giggles were too much NOT to capture!


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Love love love xxxxxx

Your girls are just gorg Jess!

Such lovely pics Jess, they are growing up fast too!!

Beautiful girls, gorgeous shots. “do we have to smile?” – I love it! xx

I’m not normally a fan of park photography either – but the happiness in them in so infectious and is just a great little session! Beautiful as usual! x



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