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For Jesh :Brisbane Family Photographer:

Last week I had some time without my precious family, down in Melbourne. I signed up to Life {as an artform} with the beautiful man, Jesh De Rox.  Jesh is an absolute inspiration, a gifted artist in so many ways, wise beyond his years, and someone with the gentlest soul I have ever met.

There were 11 attendees, and spending those 3 days with them and getting to know them was such a delightful experience. By the Friday, I felt like I had made some life-long friends  xxxx So with my head full of ideas and my heart full of love, I headed home to my family.

Of course I had to take the girls out this afternoon to try out a couple of the “tricks” I had learnt. They were both in crazy moods, not the calm serenity I was hoping for, but hey, I let it go (eventually) and let them be the crazy cats they are! Here is their little Beloved session; two sisters who love each other dearly and sometimes even enjoy bickering (so they told Evan last week!) ENJOY. xxx


Awwwwwww! Love that last shot…so precious!


so very special photos for beautiful sisters – just gorgeous Jess

Could my nieces be any more beautiful ?? The Beloved session must have worked a treat…….I have never seen so many photos of Lani in one sitting 🙂 So thrilled that Life {as an artform} was all that you had hoped for and more xxxx

WOW Jess!!! Looks like the workshop was well and truly worth it! These images are absolutely BEAUTIFUL can’t get enough of them. You are SO amazingly talented. xx

Beautiful and Beloved for sure!

Just absolutely Beautiful! These will be treasured for more years than we can count! It was a honour to meet you last week! I really can feel the love in each of these images – yours and the girls!



next one

Camping with Friends a must do activity! :Brisbane Family Photographer: