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{Indulgence} something that somebody lets himself or herself or another person have, especially a luxury…

Please let me luxuriate and indulge myself in this shoot of my precious girls. I have given up trying to dress and pose them for shoots now (especially when we are camping), but I managed to squeeze in this little session while we were recently away in our camper trailer. I love my girls so much and feel truly blessed to have my little family. They make me cry tears of joy, tears of giggling so hard at their antics and also tears of frustration when they often get on each other’s nerves!!! I am not the world’s perfect mummy (who is?), but I give it my best shot (who doesn’t?) and I hope that their little skips from one destination to the next, their little hugs and kisses to each other, and the repetitious, “I love you mummy, I love you daddy, I love our family” means that they are happy well rounded and grounded and individuals. Bless their little cotton socks….and their game of leap frog!


These are amazing Jess! The girls are ever so blessed to call YOU mummy & to capture such incredible memories of their childhood! That monotone of Mims in the grass is just soooooo her! Love them all. My fave post…..but I am not a biased Aunty am I ???