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January Day Nine

Here’s today – a quiet, home day that had lots of sorting out in it. And for me – a massive dose of hay fever from said sorting… It always feels good getting rid of old things we don’t use or need (or in my girls case grown out of). But I do feel a pang of guilt – what will eventually end up in landfill, what did I not really need in the first, and how I need to change what I spend and buy in the future. I try to be “green”. I try to be “environmentally friendly” But what does that really mean and look like.

I’ll take comfort in the thought that I’m giving away all the girls clothes to friends with younger children and I know they will get another life. I’m hoping my clothes get some more wear and perhaps help a charity along their way. We are enjoying more space in our cupboards and not planning on refilling them too soon…

This year I am heightening my effort to not use one single use water bottle. those pesky water bottles just kill me! There’s a cafe in my local area, that only serves table/tap water in these bottles – I went there the other day and had no idea – next minute they filled our table with all of these bottles – I didn’t take one and just had my own water bottle with me…. it’s really not that hard to carry around a water bottle – many small things like this that we can ALL do does make a difference to our world – and I’m often filled with anxiety about what is happening and has happened to our environment.

So whilst I am FAR from perfect, I could consume less, but small steps…… little actions add up to big change.

Oh and my friend just sent me this! Check it out!


So in all the de-cluttering, the youngest person needed a berry smoothie. 🙂


Jess x

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