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January Day Six

“Not all those who wander are Lost”

Her art is magical, where it comes from I do not know, but I know that creativity runs in the veins of both of my girls, and I want to continue to encourage it in them and know that it had  no limit and it doesn’t run out. It runs in my veins too and then again I believe that creativity runs in all our veins. But for some reason we stop the flow at some stage of life. We stop the flow of creation running within us and believe a myth that only certain people are creative.

What is creativity anyway? Even the most mundane of jobs can be creative if we want it to. Creativity is a choice.

Parenting is a massive creative task, constantly figuring out creative new ways to present dinner is prime example – is that mouthful of food coming on a train or plane? 😉 But in all seriousness, we are creative beings, I mean really when you think about it, how amazingly creative is it that humans  and our world even exist in the first place? Creation at it’s best…

I’m a firm believer in finding the art in my everyday, and whilst I believe it, it can still often be a daily struggle….but I go on with this faith, whether my creativity is a random new thought or an award winning photograph  – or a photograph that has the potential to win an award! (lets keep it real ok?)

So somewhere along the line, someone may have told you that your creation wasn’t good enough and that stopped you creating. I can’t pinpoint when that happened to me, but I know that it did, and it probably was never intentional at the time.  It somehow infused into my psyche, until after my girls were born then the call to unleash my creativity was too much to bear. I’d spent so much time dabbling but never believing that anything much cold become of it. But I was also young and expecting “something” to become of it, and again that idea that I’m not creative unless I am what’s considered in society as an “artist”.

Now I understand that nothing other than my own joy and contentment needs to come from my creativity. From this place I am more grounded and can be a better me. For me that’s what it’s all about……me and how I can be fully me and understand what it means to be a human connecting with other humans in this life…

If you have a project or a hobby or something you want to take up – do it – without abandon, own it and do it for you, not for anybody else.

Jess x

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