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January Day Twenty Eight

On the surface it all looks so neat and tidy, but pull open a drawer or take a hesitant peek into a cupboard and it will tell you another sordid story….perhaps you can relate and have those cupboards too?
So the day came where i felt like i couldn’t operate in my office because it was swelling with all the “things” i “needed” to do the work! But, I’d open a drawer and I couldn’t even find a pen.What’s the work? What do i really need for the work?

I certainly don’t need the multiple pens that don’t work, cds and dvds that have been blank and gathering dust since they became redundant with the advent of me using USBS, and a plethora of useless items that were being held onto for Justin (Just-in-case)

So Jess….ahem…I mean Justin is a little disorganized, (I wouldn’t be so drastic as to say hoarder but some days it feels that way) obviously hasn’t watched that Minimalist documentary on Netflix yet…. probably too busy organizing her, I mean his, stuff to get to it. “Tidy up Office” it’ probably written on a to-do list in one of the 15 notepads found in the office drawers!

Anyway, on this day, every.single.item.came.out.of.every.single.drawer.
I was so over it and after going through my wardrobe and both of the girls wardrobes AND the linen cupboard the week before (I’ll be a minimalist one day you just wait and see) it was time to attack my office. And attack I did, I got rid of a lot of stuff, so much so I got rid of an 8 sectioned book case!

Apparently this style or sorting my life out was modus operandi when I was younger too – wait for it to become a disaster, then tidy to within an inch of it’s life.

I feel like being neat, tidy and organised is such a “grown-up” personality trait and I often believe that the reason I’m so bad at it is just because I’m really a young person trapped in a 40 year old body – that is of course until I spend time with young person, and then I’m perfectly at peace with being a little older and hopefully wiser. So there goes that hypothesis…

Perhaps I just don’t have time for being neat and organised because there are so many other exciting things to do with ones time……like scroll Instagram perhaps? mmmmm, maybe not, but I do find lack of it being a priority an issue – I would much rather a) spend time with my girls b) exercise c) see a friend d) go on a date with my husband e) read a book f) write a poem g) shave my legs h) basically anything really……..

And so, for now, everything is in it’s right place, just like Radiohead told us it was.


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