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January PAD 2016 {day 1}

So many of my awesomely inspiring photography buddies have been doing this photoaday (aka. PAD) thing-a-me-bob every january for several years now. I often look with mixed emotions of joy {for them} and I dunno, apathy, jealousy, disappointment  or something similar {for me}. The negative emotions come up because I think – I couldn’t possibly commit to such artistry everyday for a whole month – how on earth do these amazing creatures do it? The pressure! The Pressure!

So here  I am guys, it’s a new amazingly exciting year – some parts of it are going to suck balls – seriously there’s always those moments. Some parts are going to blow my mind. Some will cause salty water to spill from my eyes for happy and sad reasons. I find life fascinating, exciting and confusing and you know what? If I stuff my first PAD up? So be it – but I’ll give it a good crack.

So here’s my first image – we packed up the Christmas tree decorations today and threw the old live tree outside. Miyan, my youngest decorated her head with the gold garland from the tree – I found it stunning and just had to photograph her.

I’m hoping having my camera out will reset my sight. Sometimes we can all get stuck in the same pattern of vision, and seeing things from only this patterned perspective. It can shield our sight from simple beauties and pleasures around us….

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