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January PAD {Day 11}

My amazing sister-in-law is also a photograph maker – you can see her work here I adore her spirit and her work, but I’ve gotta admit I’m not great in the water myself. I try! I really try my little heart out! I try so hard to pose for her I always get water up my nose and come back above the water choking! {that part could actually just me and how hopeless I am in the water! Permission to giggle at me granted!} Angie, somehow in all her amazingness, ends up with something decent of me 😉 She is a natural with her camera in the water.

So she handed her camera over to me, to have a go, and here’s what I got…. no master piece but it absolutely gave me an understanding of the skill level required to nail this genre… I think I’ll just appreciate it and keep my camera above the water!!!!

ps check out the little legs in the corner!

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