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January PAD {Day 23}

Sisters….. do you have one? I always wanted one, and begged my mum for a baby sibling (sister) regularly. I get begged for a sibling weekly now myself – funny how things change…. I always wanted to have two girls so I could watch them share the bond of sisterhood – Well the reality is slightly different to my “rainbows and unicorns” idea I had when I found out my second little bun was another girl! They say our children teach us our most needed lessons, I think it’s perhaps more like “karma” for putting your own parents through the wringer when we were kids ‘kinda thing’. The things I find myself  saying I never thought would even be sentences coming out of my mouth!

But underneath all the bickering and taunts with them, and the constant feeling of tasks never being completed and the relentless nature of parenting with me, there is so much love, softness and care.

The gentle moments they share; the worry when the other is sick or upset and the joy when they are playing happily, gives me hope that their bond is deep and they will be of amazing support to each other as they grow up.

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