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January PAD {Day 31}

My last image – ok so lets not look at the fact that I have missed a couple of days in there ok? I won’t tell if you don’t…let’s just make that our little secret?

I’ve enjoyed this month – I certainly know I could never, in a pink fit complete a 365  photo a day and blog them as well. I am far too disorganised for that shenanigans. I’ve realised a lot over the past few years, mostly, that I need to be a little more gentle on myself. Pressure {of the failure kind} doesn’t work. Deadlines can often work, a little pressure and stress is good and keeps me on my toes. But that creative pressure? The one where I compare and critique myself pegged against other’s art and business success? That pressure really needs to be thrown out the window.

I believe that quote “Comparison is the thief of joy”  with all my heart and soul. And yet, it still, after all this time, creeps in and infests my mind with negative thoughts when I give it  permission. Once permission is granted the field day begins….

I really need to stand strong and tell it to piss off. In fact,  we all do! Comparison is the one of most ridiculous  thought processes ever, I mean how does it ever help?  We are all completely unique, comparison, logically doesn’t make any sense. How do you compare apples to oranges? It’s impossible! And whilst we are all human, we are completely individual at the same time. You’re an apple and dependent on the day, I may be something like a cumquat….

So if you are a comparer, and let those wicked, “If I only….”, “I’ll never be as good as…..”, thoughts enter your head and take up residence?  Just remember, they are free loaders and you need to kick those suckers out! Don’t feel bad if they visit, but honestly, they will exit as fast as they enter if you tell them they aren’t welcome!

I know words about comparison  have all been written before, copious amounts of times. I constantly read online about the struggle of comparison and it is real. Whether it’s with art, body shape, material possessions, fitness level, I could go on, humans are bloody good comparers.  I often think it’s a ridiculous luxury that we are capable of comparing in the first place. No other creature gets this luxury quite like us human earth dwellers.  Have you ever stopped to think that the same skill (thought creation) we use to compare can also be used to calm our fickle comparing minds with just as much success?

So I’m being brave, and posting a self portrait for my last image of the month. Not comparing myself to anything or anyone that has come before. I’m just quietly cowering yet standing strong, as I put myself out there. Both sides of my brain working overtime – “Post it bitch, who cares what others think” whilst the opposite says… “Don’t post that, no one wants to see you, really it’s not cool”

All of our thoughts are created in our minds – you are the true master of them, create them wisely…

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Woo hoo Jess, congrats on finishing your PAD 31 days…brilliant post topic ‘comparison’ and beautiful photo. I totally understand and relate to all you talk about, in particular those little free loaders that get in my head, which I’m forever kicking out. It’s refreshing to know I’m not alone and love your ending quote “All of our thoughts are created in our minds – you are the true master of them, create them wisely…” namaste beautiful friend.
PS: I ask myself often, why oh why did you agree to do the 366 Day Challenge this year, are you sure you don’t want to join me…? xx

Thanks Helga – we are always never alone <3 xx and NO way could I do a 365!

Loved reading this. We all struggle with comparisons and perhaps a lil fear, it’s all so very human.

Thanks so much Rachael – this human gig is tough sometimes isn’t it? 😉



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