:JUNE: Photo a day challenge; days 1,2 &3……..

So I have been a little boring on the amount of blogging recently, and I am nearly going on to my second hand with posts I “need” to be making (yes they will be coming soon!), but a local photog friend of mine Louise, decided to do this little June challenge, she got it from A Feathered Nest and I thought, “Yeup, it’s winter, I am inundated with my to-do list, my parents are overseas (so no helping hands around), I have a new piddling puppy, and I am starting a course, and training to run a half marathon in July, so why NOT do this wee challenge???” So it’s now the 3rd of June, and I am only posting for the first time – I am a slow starter but will hopefully gain some momentum as I move along. I am already looking on the lovely list and getting those creative juices flowing as to some of the upcoming challenges. Some of the days I have just stared at and thought, “Oh man, how am I going to do that?” and that is the really FUN part!!
So just a note on the first three days. Let’s just make one thing clear, I am not a morning person, at any stretch. every morning, I reluctantly get up at around 615am and begin my day in a blur, usually putting pre-made sandwiches made the night before (as I just couldn’t rise that bit earlier to make them fresh!) into lunchboxes, waking up my eldest daughter, who has inherited my love of early mornings and getting her ready to head out the door to school with her dad at 7am. She has a pretty hectic schedule, eats brekkie in the car, and her uniform has badges, collars, skirt, top – you can imagine – she also must wear ribbons in her hair. So it’s not an easy task. Well sometimes I feel like a grumpy, mean and nasty troll from the 3 billygoats gruff story – so here I am, first thing in the morning, under my bridge being a TROLL!!!
Day 2 – my favourite shoes, belong to my youngest daughter – and as you can tell she absolutely has loved them to death – check out chook leaf your child will love you forever, and begin a super cool journey of an appreciation for fine shoes!!!
I hope you enjoy following as much as I enjoy snapping! Jess 😉



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