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This is a story of Motherhood. It’s a story of connection and a story of Love! I love stories, I love hearing them, I love telling them and I love sharing them through Photography…

Amanda and Easton’s story is so gorgeous and hopeful. She’s solo parenting Easton, by choice, with the help and support of her family.  She is an amazingly compassionate and caring NICU nurse and also a lovely newborn photographer. Check her beautiful work out here

Watching the beautiful bond Amanda and Easton share is breathtaking. Amanda’s attentiveness to Easton and wanting the best for him has seen their breastfeeding relationship continue past Easton’s 2nd year. I can absolutely relate to this bond as I fed both of my daughters past 2 years. I understand not everyone is able to feed for this long, or want to, it’s all a personal choice and judgement isn’t required. However, celebrating their unique story and sharing it, I feel, is a joy, and is worthy of a “shout-from-the-rooftops” moment.

Amanda wanted to capture a “final” feed, reflect and celebrate  this slow weaning process and honour the journey they have been on together and farewell this season with glory.


Amanda has written some words below. They resonate so much with me but also left me completely floored my with her wide open heart and kind words and appreciation for these images and our session together.

During the session, I asked Amanda to close her eyes and think of three words that summed up her Breastfeeding time with Easton and to really sit with those words and feel them. The words are the title of this blog post…

Here’s her story interspersed with pretty pictures…



“As I lay in the quiet…my sweet boy nestled in my arms….I realize that babyhood is ending….and my heart crumples a little. Our life of sweet baby snuggles, of baby wearing and breast feeding is becoming a distant memory as our journey changes again….and now we are more about toilet training, big boy beds and drinks with straws…independence…eeeeep!




I always knew I was meant to be a mother and the last few years since my little man has arrived has enriched my heart and soul more than I could ever hope and dream for. I had hoped that we would have an amazing connection, considering its just the two of us, and from the moment he was placed on my chest I knew that we would be entwined for ever. Our relationship has grown and flourished from that very first moment and even though we are now entering a new phase, I know that our bond will remain.

One of the most beautiful experiences of being Easton’s mumma has definitely been our feeding journey. It hasn’t always been easy but I’m so blessed that we have been able to continue on this far. From the very early days when we lay together, like yin and yang, nestled into each other, I completely fell in love. The fact that only I could nourish him this way was beyond what I ever imagined. Only I could comfort him, and fix all his woes. The prospect of the fourth trimester…where he continued to be held and comforted and nourished by my body was something that made me feel complete.




I’ve also had the immense privilege of expressing and donating breast milk for many other little one’s during our feeding journey, including triplets and sick premature bubba’s. Easton had more than enough so it seemed like the perfect option. A priceless gift in my opinion and something I feel grateful to have been able to give. I’m a photographer…& I’m very spoiled to have lots of photographer friends that have captured our nursing journey over the past 2.8yrs.

Today we had what  I feel like, is our last nursing photo session. I wanted to capture this special time in our story, just like Ive been lucky to capture each step along the way. We have cut down to one feed before bed, although I don’t think either of us are ready to wean & sometimes Im not entirely sure why we reduced the number of feeds we were doing (family pressure, society pressure, expectations?). I wanted to have the opportunity through image to hold on to this moment, that snuggle, that sweet embrace….before we know it…gone to soon. When I think about how blessed I am to be surrounded by amazing photographers, I know I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to someone to capture this last special session but ultimately I always knew that it would be Jess to take our photo’s. She has always stood by my side on this journey as Easton’s mumma and supported our path feeding to natural term.

I remember our first session together years ago and the beautiful connection she captured, that I felt with Easton but wasnt aware that other’s could see. Her style fits our story perfectly and her vision is beyond all I could have dreamed for. Easton absolutely adores her which I knew would shine in her images.

If you’ve ever thought of having photo’s taken of you and your nursling, or are having a session for another reason, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to click a few of you together during this special time…none of my photographer friends had ever really done breast feeding pics, they are wedding photographers, family photographers, birth photographers….but they all saw how much it meant to me to capture that connection. Before you know it….this time will be gone….and you will have a little boy in your arms….equally as beautiful on a new journey together.


I left this session honestly feeling so loved, special and connected. A magic and something I can’t capture  on my own. You brought that out for us. I felt beautiful. That’s why I chose you. Anyone can take a photo, but to actually capture and translate true connection is something special. Thank You. x


Your Brisbane Family Photographer,

Jess xx




just wow, Jess! this is beyond words and even trying to think of what to say brings tears to my eyes. how very precious, tender, intimate, and oh, so very yes to all of this goodness. <3 from someone who had the privilege to breastfeed all of my babies, with love, mama t

Thanks so much for your kind response, means a lot x Was such special session celebrating a momentous journey xx

Loved every word and every photo. Amanda u never cease to amaze me, your such a beautiful soul and your love reflects through the eyes of ur precious boy. Stop making me a sooki lala with your photos haha xoxoxo

Thanks Lisa for your gorgeous comments x



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