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January Day Seven

Slow Living in Brisbane…

Our lives during school term time is hectic to say the least. It can be monotonous, stressful, generally yuk and very busy. My girls are really busy between school work, dancing, music practice and general day to day chores.  There’s also lots of joy in there and magic moments too, don’t get me wrong BUT it’s not what I would think an easy way of living is. Yet we’ve chosen it to be this way (and thankfully only live a short walk from their school) and are running with it for the time being. This is why holidays are so precious to us – long days filled with games, adventures, books  and screens. Yep screens, of course in moderation but we absolutely love a good movie over the holidays.

The Brisbane summer can be a little lethal too, and when the heat comes so does some lethargy, so it’s a mix of all of the above with swims added in.

I love these days, but look out if anyone gets too bored because it can sometimes get ugly  – the bickering needs to get nipped in the bud and a change of scene required. Ah the joys of girls, the joys of kids…….and for me thank goodness for the joy of exercise for me, to help with it all. It’s my go-to and also a great justification for a wee arvo nap…. Life is all about the swings and roundabouts.

Not quite sure I’m ready for school to go back just yet – give me another month… but for now we attempt to relax a little while longer!

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