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January PAD {Day 21}

Challenging myself to explore what I’m  seeing in front of me and if I can shoot it differently, or see something I haven’t see before is a practice I like to consciously make myself aware of, and not just for photography but everything (even the messy house!)

A different perspective is so  invigorating to shake myself out of periods of feeling blergh creatively – and reminds me also to give myself permission to feel all the feels, good, bad and ugly.  When those self doubt, frustration and overwhelm feelings come in I often will  just pop my camera away until they vacate the building, or just give myself a breather with taking off the accelerator a bit. To shimmy myself back into “the groove” I also try to also remember what I love about photography when there’s no deadlines and job descriptions to fill, it’s, well….like diving into a pool on a hot day after feeling all sticky and gross and coming up feeling like all those layers of sticky and gross have been washed away in an instant! To be free like a bird, to create with the sole purpose of pleasing yourself, do that, do more of that. January has been like this for me and so far it’s been awesome…


“Who is in control of your mind? You are.”

Aubrey Marcus.

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Enjoy, Jess

Brisbane Family Photographer



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